What is a boardroom? What is the Boardroom used for?

It’s due to the use of boards (historically with blackboards, white boards, paper holding boards, projector screens, etc.) for presentations and illustrations at this type of meeting, to provide extra information in assisting the decision-making process, hence the name ‘Boardroom’

Often, the head/presenter is seated with guests at the board table, rather than standing at the front of the room, though they still may choose to. The idea being that it is more favourable for discussions with every attendee at eye level. Everyone is sharing the one table space, conducive to completing shared tasks.

What’s the difference between a Board Room and a Conference Room?

A boardroom normally consists of the main owners, shareholders or the managers within your company. A conference room is normally for a larger number of delegates similar to a class room setting.

Who will use the Boardroom?

Businesses like ours that grew often have the staff to serve their customers but run out of space. This provides a neutral space for staff members to meet. Also, employyees don’t always work together so a neutral more geographical place can often be a lot more beneficial.

How many does the Boardroom sit?

We have 10 seats with ease but can cater for upto 12. We can also add 4 additional seats if needed but they will not be at the main table.

Does the Boardroom have toilet facilities?

Yes we have a unisex toilet which is regularly cleaned.

Do you have internet connection?

An extremely fast internet connection with an averaging 482.4 Mbps download speed via BT and backed up by EE. You can operate wirelessly or choose to be hard wired in to the hub directly.

Do you have a screen?

We have a 75 Inch 4HD Crystal Clear TV which has all the necessary connections via inputs on the Boardroom table or wirelessly if you would prefer. The screen needs to be of high quality to be seen all round the room and figures can sometimes be very small so need to be sharp.

Do you supply any stationary in your Boardroom?

Each chair will be supplied with A4 paper for taking notes with a pen and pencil. There is not only the TV screen but an easel with a pad and markers provided. The head of the meeting can also choose to stand at a podium.

Do I get refreshments?

Yes, the studio offers free superfast, wireless broadband..

Can I park for free?

We have free car parking on site. Step out your car into our Boardroom. Each member of the Boardroom has their own space.